Shane's Jeep Wall ReBuild

-1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ 

-Mechman 370 amp Alternator (18V)
-(5) XS Power D1600 Batteries 
-(3) DC Audio Level 6 18s 
-(1) DC Audio 9k Amp
-Sky High OFC 0/2 gauge wires
-6th Order Bandpass Wall 

I had originally built this Jeep back in late 2016 for a pair of Sundown ZV4 18's. After making some changes and improvements the build ended up with a pair of DC Level 6 18s on a DC 9k doing well into the mid 156db range sealed up and a 159db outlaw style at around 36hz 

Now its 2018 and it's time to make some big changes! This build will be using the newest version of the DC Level 6 18s (M5). It will be rebuilt into a 6th order series band pass wall tuned nice and low this time. 


To start the build off I had to remove some of the interior and pull the subs, amp, and batteries. Next part will be to cut the wall out. Wish me luck on that one....


The removal process was tricky to say the least. This wall was strong! Every cut was thought out in advance to make it as simple as possible and not hurt the car. So far so good. 

Now we have a clean slate. Its time to get into the new build. The goal is to build the new wall large as possible. Hopefully 40+ cubic ft. 

First thing was to install a wood roof. This will become a big part of the new wall and how it integrates into the car. It was attached using construction adhesive. 

Now the shell of the wall is being setup. 

Time to make the baffle! 

The subs are loaded and the inside of the enclosure is done! 

To finish up the build the door panels and interior were installed. 

Once the enclosure was adjusted the system was metered. 

The bandwidth is from 15hz to 70hz able to do over 160 decibels at 34hz and 154db at 20hz.


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