*4th & 6th orders and t-lines are not available at this time*

To get a design please describe the following in the "Note to seller" section in your cart during checkout!! Addidnal details can be emailed and drawings are helpfull! (Failure to do this will slow design completion)

MUST Include in Seller Note/Email:
-Your email Address (Example: jeepandbass@gmail.com)
-A detailed description of the things you want.
-Maximum Enclosure Measurements (Height, Width, Length)
-Material Type (3/4", 1") (MDF, Birch)
-Number of Speakers (Example: 2)
-Speaker Model and Size (Example: DC Audio Level 4 m2 15")
-Desired Sub Orientation (Example: Inverted on top of box)
-Desired Port Type and Placement (Example: Slot port in center on front of box)
-Estimated Power (Example: 1500 watts)
-Vehicle (Example: 2000 Honda Civic, Trunk)

Custom Designs for every user! JeepAndBass has been designing boxes for a long time now ranging from simple boxes to large walled setups! Met with nothing but positive reviews, JeepAndBass is now offering these designs here on the website! You will get the best overall design for your application! A lot of time is put into making sure volumes are perfect, tuning is at its best, and construction is its strongest! As a builder myself I know how things should go together to make it simple for you to build an amazing box! Many customizable options are available! So check them out!

Option Selections:
(+$5) Premium Blueprints:
To get the most detail, information, and visual aid while building I recommend upgrading to the premium prints. (Details below)
(+$0.50) Flush Mount Baffle:
Do you want the subs to sit into the baffle some or in other words be "flush" to the surface of the box? This can add a clean visual and make it easier for loading the subs.
(+$3) Removable Port/Areo Port:
A removable port will allow you to adjust tuning as you wish. These are sometimes limited so if I do run into problems incorporating this into the design I'll make sure you know.
(+$2) Plexiglass Viewing Window(s):
This can add a neat look to your box and give you a view of the inside! I will incorporate 1" glass into most designs.
(+$3) Kerfed Port:
Round slot ports! These can make for a louder an even better looking enclosure! (Will require a larger box to accommodate the port size)

What’s Included?
Standard Blueprints: (Simple to build and still get down! All the basics you need.)

-3D Photo Rendering of your box
-Simple Box Specs (volume, tuning, overall size)
-Blue Print Overview (single top view of your box)
-Simple Box Construction (minimal cuts, minimal use of specialty tools)
-Cut Sheet (easy layout on a 4’x8’ sheet of wood to make your box cuts)
-Cut out Locations and Sizes (speaker hole locations and cutout sizes)

Premium Blueprints: (A stronger and louder design! Also includes 3D step by step construction photos and builder tips!)

-3D Photo Rendering of your box
-Detailed Box Specs (gross volume, net volume, port volume, port area, tuning, displacements..)
-Premium Box Construction (routered edges w/ router bit sizes and descriptions, step joint construction, JeepAndBass style port “round-over/brace”)
-Cut Sheet (easy layout on a 4’x8’ sheet of wood to make your box cuts)

-Cut Sheet Parts List
-Cut out Locations and Sizes (speaker hole locations and cutout sizes)
-Step by step 3D Assembly blueprints (See each step in 3D! This makes it simple to track which piece goes where and how!)
-JeepAndBass Tips! (The little things that might make the box that much better!)

Custom Ported Box Design

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