Dual 18" pre-made Box Design (154+db Tested DB Drag Certified Score!) 

(Designed for 18" subs requiring 5.5cuft or air space EACH, ex: DC Level 3, 4, XL, Sundown U Series...18")


Get this pre-made design instantly! We have simple and cheap designs for many of the most popular subs! Need something custom? Check out the custom box design page to submit your custom needs. 


Recomended Speakers: Fits most 18" subs with box size specs ranging around 5.5cuft. The cutout is 16 7/8". Make sure your sub fits this. Mounting depth up to 15" is fine.



Tuning: 36hz 

Size: 11.00 cuft

Cutout: 16 7/8"  

Flush Mount: Yes


Width: 48"

Depth: 32 1/2"

Hight: 21" 



-Detailed box specs

-Box blueprint 

-Step by step 3D building guide

-Cut sheet

-3D Photo rendering of box 


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2 18" Box Design (Fits Tahoe/Suburban))

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