The JeepAndBass Jeep

-1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ 

-JS 370 amp & 240 amp Alternators (12V)
-(6) Full Throttle FT1100-31 Batteries 
-(6) JVF Customz 3.3 12's

-(3) DC Audio 5k Amps
-Sky High OFC 0/1 gauge wires
-6th Order Bandpass Wall 

I had originally built this system back in mid 2016 and have been slowing improving on the enclosure and cosmetics of the build as time has gone by. This would be the 8th build done in the vehicle so in order to start the new build the old had to come out...

The removal process was tricky to say the least. This wall was strong! Every cut was thought out in advance to make it as simple as possible and not hurt the car. So far so good. The wall is now extended still utilizing the old shell from the previous build.

Now it is coming together! The wall is wrapped and painted ready for equipment to go in. 

We build from scratch six JVF Customz 3.3 12's at Jeff's house for this build. Many of which are still using their original soft parts several years later.

At this point the build was done with its first phase, running on 3 DC 3.5k's. The next year it would get a bit of a face lift thanks to the help of Bobby Gately. 

Also got the electrical sorted out with a pair of JS Alternators (Top shown, bottom not shown).

The subs are loaded and the inside of the enclosure is done! 

To finish up the build the door panels and interior were installed. 



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