Cody's Scion FRS 

DC Audio Build 

-2016 Scion FRS-

-JS 270amp alAlternator
-(3) Full Throttle G34 Batteries
-(2) DC Audio Level 4 12s w/XL soft parts 
-(1) DC Audio 3.5k Amp
-Sky High OFC 0 gauge wires
-Ported 30hz Custom Enclosure

First step was to pull the interior and to come up with a plan to start the amp rack and route the wiring.

All the wiring in the car is Sky High OFC red and black cables.  

A Pioneer Double Din was also installed, it was integrated into the stock Toyota audio system along with a functioning back up camera and USB adapter. 


The "Big 3" was done along with a run of power and ground to the rear of the car. 

Next was the amp rack, it also became the base of the enclosure. 

The amp rack is completed, batteries installed, and everything wired up! 


The last major part of the build was the enclosure, It has both an odd shape and a tricky design. It ended up exactly what we had been going for. Ported box tuned to 32hz with acrylic looking windows and the two DC Audio Level 4 12's 

Lastly a JS 270 amp alternator was added along with an under hood full throttle battery.