DC Audio Custom Sub Options

Want a different look, better performance, something unique? Check out the list of custom options available! We can add any of these to your sub through a custom order. Contact me at jeepandbass@gmail.com to get a custom invoice made.

Thanks! Message sent.

Dustcap Logo Colors

+($0.00) White Screen Print DC Logo "Stock"


+($4.00) Basic Colors         (Red,Blue,Black,Green,Pink,Orange,Purple)

+($7.00) Chrome/Foil Colors/10 year logo 


Cone & Surround Upgades

AR Cone Surround (SPL Cone) 

+($30.00 - $40.00) (10" - 18") 

LR Cone Surround (Large Roll) 

+($32.00 - $40.00) (12" -18")

Carbon Fiber Cone 

+($226.00 - $330.00) (10" -18")


Add additional spiders for custom application.

+($4.75 - $6.00) Per spider.

*Specific spider sizes depend on the level of woofer.   

Upgrade Packages

Upgrade Soft parts or baskets to update older woofers or to add performance to the level 3 and 4 woofers! 

+($30.00 - $45.00) Level 3/4 Upgrades

+($315.00 - $370.00) Basket Upgrades

Powder Coating 

Custom colors can be added to your woofer's basket to keep with your style! 

+($90.00 - $105.00) (12" - 18")

Custom Look!

Logo colors and styles add that touch!

Carbon Fiber!

The strongest and sexiest cones you can get!


The strongest magnets available!

That Roll!

Mega Roll Surrounds are available!

Powder Coating

Customize your look with some color!

DC Style

Its hard to look and sound better than this!


DC Audio Style Basket

Direct Leads



DC LR Mega Roll Cone