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JeepAndBass started as a small YouTube channel featuring none other than the JeepAndBass Jeep! Over the last 7 years both that Jeep and the channel have grown into what you see today. We have over 22k subscribers and well over 15k watts! And now a website! 

The Owner: Ray Pimley is the man behind the machine! The Jeep being his first car became his platform and gateway into the audio world. With over 8 separate builds and counting, that same Jeep is still bringing home the wins and makes for the center piece of his JeepAndBass brand. Ray, like most, is a die hard audio enthusiast, competitor, and builder.  


For general comments, product customization, or questions please fill out the forum.

Email: jeepandbass@gmail.com

YouTube: JeepAndBass

Instagram: jeepandbass

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